Join Hundreds of Women for a Day of “EmpowHERment”

Terra L. Fletcher will be speaking at the 2018 N.E.W. Women’s Business Summit. Her theme will focus on what the youngest generations entrance into the workplace means for us.

Linksters, iGen, Generation Z: What Super-Connected Kids Mean for the Rest of Us

Ready or not, here comes the post-Millennial generation! Each generation has encountered technological disruption and shifts in economics, politics and society. At the same time, no other generation in the history of mankind is like Gen Z!

Born in the year 2000 or later, iGen has been online (high-speed) since they were toddlers. They text an average of 3000 times per month and have more stay-at-home dads, more stay-at-home moms, or part-time employed parents than previous generations. Linksters are environmentally aware, expecting high transparency, and constant engagement and feedback. They’re already entering the workforce and secondary education. They expect job descriptions and to be treated as valued coworkers. They expect leaders to set the example. Are we ready?

Digital natives in every sense, what does “disruptive invention and reinvention as the norm” mean for business and organizations for the future? From marketing to manufacturing, how can we prepare to work with Gen Z? Is the youngest generation our best hope for taking on the workplaces’ biggest challenges and opportunities? Do Zers really lack face-to-face interaction and verbal communication skills? How can we as individuals of previous generations prepare ourselves for the wave of youth to come?


Thu, March 8, 2018

8:00 AM – 4:00 PM CST

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NWTC Corporate Conference Center

2740 West Mason Street

Green Bay, WI 54303

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About the Summit

Hosted by The Small Business Initiative, the N.E.W. Women’s Summit is Northeastern Wisconsin’s premier forum for visionary women who want to discover the tools for success, make strategic business connections and leave feeling empowered and inspired to take action in their professional and personal life. Whether you are a business owner, work in a business, office, or professional setting, have a home-based business, or are considering launching a business, the N.E.W. Women’s Summit has something just for you. Join hundreds of women for a day of “empowHERment” in your personal and professional development, where you’ll gain timely, practical advice to keep in your “business toolbox” – while making strategic business connections with other aspiring and enterprising women.

Why a Women’s Business Summit?

Because working women throughout Northeastern Wisconsin are looking for opportunities to get to know one another while…

  • Creating mutually beneficial relationships with peers
  • Learning from peers about best practices and other essential information
  • Supporting each other with knowledge, skills, tools—and friendship
  • Becoming exposed to subject matter experts – our speakers, and the practical information and tools they will be sharing.
  • Participating in three learning tracks comprised of one-hour breakout sessions that will be offered throughout the day.

Track One: Small Business Development/Entrepreneurship

This track will offer four different breakout sessions in the area of business start-up and entrepreneurial development including presentations from business service providers, marketing experts and successful, creative-preneurs.

Track Two: Professional Development

This track will offer four different breakout sessions in the areas of professional development and is currently in the planning stages with anticipated breakout sessions to include working with multiple generations, assertive communication skills, identity protection and managing change.

Track Three: Personal Enrichment

This track will offer four different breakout sessions in the areas personal growth and enrichment offering informative workshops that will better assist busy women with self-care and finding the balance needed in order to achieve a more purpose-driven life.

We will inspire

Along with subject matter experts from throughout Wisconsin who will be facilitating breakout sessions throughout the day, we have lined up John Maxwell certified keynote speaker, executive coach and leadership trainer, Allison Liddle. Allison, who recently launched a new book entitled, Life Under Construction: Designing a Life You Love, will be opening the day sharing the “5 Steps to Empower Yourself.” In this uplifting keynote, Allison will share her personal transformation journey on becoming empowered by using the changes she experienced in her life to grow herself, her business and create a new, more impactful life.

“EmpowHER Hour” Luncheon

During the second half of our lunch together where we will have had time for networking and engaging conversation, we will be joined by a powerhouse panel of four engaging and empowering women leaders who will share how they have thrived as leaders in male-dominated industries. Female leaders face many challenges that their male counterparts don’t experience and must often work harder to be taken seriously, whether as a boss or a board member. As successful business owners and board members, our panelists can all attest to the roadblocks that females can face in male-centric environments.

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About Terra

Terra L. Fletcher, professional speaker and writer, has a decade of experience in business development and marketing. She has presented 120+ workshops, panels, and classes on communication. Terra is an instructor at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, teaches at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay, and was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year (2012). Terra has trained the Wisconsin Library Association, National Association of Tax Professionals, the American Counseling Association, Prevea Health, the National Association of Broadcasters, and Georgia Pacific. She reads the back of every package, doesn’t fast-forward previews, and goes to the beach as much as possible. Much to the chagrin of those around her, she spots typos and grammatical errors from a mile away.