Teaching the Teachers

Terra L. Fletcher will present for the Wisconsin Technical College System at their 2017 Common Ground Conference “Coordinating Efforts to Improve Student Success.”She will present the lunch Keynote, 9 Things NOT to Say at School, and two breakout sessions.

About the Presentations

Overcoming Stereotypes and Understanding the Foundations of Good Communication

We like to believe we’re without prejudice, at the same time, we all label people. Have you laughed at an offensive joke? Judged an overweight person by what they were eating? Treated male and female children differently? We all have. Because of their harmful effects, we should commit to recognizing and overcoming stereotypes.

Keynote: 9 Things NOT to Say at School

Face-to-face conversation is the most impactful and influential of all communication. One needs to quickly find the right words and the right way to speak. Find out what you shouldn’t say at school. With just a few adjustments to your lexicon, people will feel less threatened and more connected. You’ll sound smarter and unendingly interesting.

Communicating Across Generation, Gender, and Culture

New generations, international employees, and people of diverse backgrounds impact the workplace and community. Five distinct generations work together. Differing beliefs, expectations, values, and learning styles lead to conflict. Discover communication skills related to gender. Learn to foster healthy communication and collaboration.

About the Conference


October 24-26, 2017
October 24th – ABE/Gen Ed Joint Meeting & CCRS Pre-conference
October 25-26th – Common Ground Conference
Radisson Paper Valley Hotel
Appleton, WI