Terra to Work with Artisan Center

Terra L. Fletcher will be presenting a communications topic at the Artisan Center on June 23, 2017. This is an invite only event.

Presentation – Conflict and Confrontation; Navigating the Workplace

Experts have called face-to-face communication the most impactful and influential of all communication. At the same time, people often avoid face-to-face confrontation because of the potential for miscommunication. When speaking extemporaneously one needs to quickly find the right words and the right way to speak.

Gain insight into the causes of workplace performance problems, find out the best way to ask for a change in behavior, and learn how to confront someone who is interfering with your work, consuming your time, or costing you money. We’ll share tips for improving your communication style as well as specific words and techniques you can use to respond to difficult workplace situations. Participants will leave this session ready to build more productive business relationships.


  • Become aware of common speech patterns that discredit our ideas at work
  • Learn how body language can change the meaning of what we say
  • Glean tips for sharing a message that establishes a connection and leaves an impression
  • Techniques for communicating assertively in the workplace

About the Artisan Center

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Artisan Center Mission

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