Terra’s Spring 2017 Schedule

3 Simple Steps to Improve Marketing NWTC 8:30am-11:30am 7-Mar-17
Develop Your Marketing and Editorial Calendar NWTC 8a-12p 4-Apr-17
1 Day Marketing Plan NWTC 8a-4p 4/11/2017
Assertive and Confident Communication NWTC 8am-12pm 7-Feb-17
Business Writing Basics for Professionals NWTC 8am-12pm 13-Feb-17
Day 1 Linkedin for Business NWTC 8am-12pm 8-Feb-17
Day 2 Facebook for Business NWTC 8am-12pm 15-Feb-17
Day 3 Twitter, Google Plus for Business NWTC 8am-12pm 22-Feb-17
Day 4 Blogging and Getting Found for Business NWTC 8am-12pm 1-Mar-17
Mastering WordPress NWTC 8a-12p 5-Apr-17
Professional Presence and Presentation NWTC 8am-12pm 21-Mar-17
Social Media Bootcamp NWTC 8a-4p 23-Jan-17
Social Media Marketing NWTC 8a-12p 12-Apr-17
Social Media Series NWTC 8a-12p Feb 8, 15, 22, Mar 1, 2017
Understanding SEO NWTC 8a-12p 19-Apr-17

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