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    “Fletcher helped me maximize the benefits of social media via a centralized and updated source: BPC’s website. With her media and technical guidance I didn’t have to learn everything about technology, web development, or social media. Through monthly or bimonthly collegial conversations this time and money investment was manageable, valuable, and dare I now say… Continue Reading... read more
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    Who do you go to for advice when your expertise is limited? Do you ask your brother about cars? Your sister about hairstyles? Who do your prospective customers turn to when they want to find out about your industry? Is there a popular YouTube channel that people consult? A magazine that they read? Do they Continue Reading... read more
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    Old rule of business: Location. Location. Location. New rule: Relationships. Relationships. Relationships. “Real”ationships are fostered through genuine communication. Fletcher Consulting helps you identify your target, communicate with them in the way that they want to be communicated with, and helps to build on that relationship. Focusing your attention on influencers who can become advocates for Continue Reading... read more
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Language to Lead at Masonite

Terra L. Fletcher to present The Language to Lead for employees of Masonite, door manufacturer in Algoma, Wisconsin, on Tuesday May 31, 2016. Masonite lives their values. Their website says, “Our Values, the bedrock of Masonite, represent the behaviors that we expect from all Employees: Integrity, Customer Commitment, Continuous Improvement, Innovation, Teamwork & Accountability, and Continue Reading

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