Terra Works with Wisconsin Towns Association

Terra L. Fletcher presented, “Polished Presenting” to the Wisconsin Towns Association in Shawano, Wisconsin on August 10, 2017.

Polished Presenting

Our words, what people see in our eyes, face, and gestures determine the quality of our professional life. We’re judged, hired, and promoted not necessarily based on our skills and talents, but our ability to convince others we have said skills and talents. But this course isn’t public speaking 101. In this session we’ll provide best practices for content, design, and delivery of messages given one-on-one or to large audiences. With easy to remember tools and techniques, you’ll learn how to nail it every time.This fast-paced, practical session will boost your confidence whether you’re dealing with know-it-alls, unprepared participants, or have to speak after lunch. Learn how to better use the tool that is your voice, control your audience, utilize visual aids, make numbers sticky, and add real power to your PowerPoint.

About Wisconsin Towns Association

The Wisconsin Towns Association (WTA) is a statewide, voluntary, non-profit and non-partisan association of member town and village governments in the State of Wisconsin controlled by its Board of Directors.  WTA’s twin purposes are to (1) support local control of government and to (2) protect the interest of towns. In furtherance of those goals WTA provides three types of services for its members: legislative lobbying efforts, educational programs and legal information.

About Terra

Terra L. Fletcher has a decade of experience in business development and marketing. She has presented 100+ workshops, panels, and classes on communication. Terra is an instructor at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, teaches at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay, and was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year (2012). Terra has trained the Wisconsin Builders Association, National Association of Tax Professionals, the American Counseling Association, Wisconsin Plastics, Prevea Health, and Georgia Pacific. She reads the back of every package, doesn’t fast-forward previews, and goes to the beach as much as possible. Much to the chagrin of those around her, she spots typos and grammatical errors from a mile away.